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Name:PVC-two end open
Name:PVC-two end open
Size:No.8(medium duty)
Tape material:PVC(white/black/grey)
Width of zipper:70mm
Width of teeth:7mm
Tape thickness:0.6mm
Teeth material:Nickel silver
Slider material:Brone(non magnetic)
Chain crosswise strength:≥200n/cm
Air pressure tightness:≥0.3bar(30kpa)
Work temperature:-10℃-60℃
Connection:RF Welding,Glueing

Product Description

Item:PVC metal teeth dry zipper two end open

Features:Very strong&top airtight

Usage:drysuit,dry bag,chemical protect suit...

Measure the zipper length(minimum 20cm) by "OL" or "EL"

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Zipper Usage:

 Protection  Drysuit,immersion suit,chemical protective suit ect
 Shields  Aviation engine, electricity generator, rockets, missiles, mechanic tools, anti-radiation coat etc
 Others  Dry bag,Stuff needs sealing and protection: air lock chamber, life raft,   boat cap, ent, hovermarine, bag of pollutant etc

Zipper available type:

Two end close



One end open



Two end close with 2 sliders



Two end open



Why choose JQJ zippers:

 1  more than 20 years focus on dry zipper R & D manufacturing
 2  365 days quality warranty
 3  very fast delivery
 4  accept small order