8 TPU polyester teeth dry zipper

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Name:8 TPU polyester teeth dry zipper
Teeth material:polyester
Zipper tape material:tpu
Slider material:zinc(non magnetic)
Total width of zipper:40mm
Chain crosswise strength:≥800N/IN
Air pressure tightness:≥0.3bar(30kpa)
Work temperature:-30℃-65℃
Oil resistance:Very good
Conection;RF Welding,Glueing

Product Description

Item: #8 TPU dry zipper two end close

Features:100% airtight&waterproof&easy pull

Service Range:Ice pack,semi-dry suits,diving bag,Watersports clothing,Tents,Protective suits(against chemical gas),Inflatable objects

Measure the zipper length by "OL"